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Computer head beam light is super cost-effective, don't take a look

An indispensable part has been widely used in many stage lighting projects. By setting the color and projection angle of the beam light, the colorful landscape of light appears in people's lives and becomes an important part of modern society.

Beam light type science, which one do you know?

The beam light is a common light in the stage lighting. Under the tempo of the music, the viewer's vision is also dynamic, colorful and colorful.

How many kinds of lights do you have to create a glamorous stage?

Many customers have taken the plunge when they are building, and they don’t know how to start with the kind of lighting.

The importance of stage lighting design in performance

The stage lighting plays a icing on the cake in the stage performance art and scene modeling.

Bar LED screen installation project

LED screen installation project to provide customers with scientific and economical personalized engineering solutions;
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